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New standard requiring sustainable palm oil

1st August 2017 – The COSMOS Board has announced the introduction of a new standard requiring use of sustainable palm oil and derivatives in COSMOS certified products and ingredients and approved raw materials which will take effect from 1st January 2019.   Please see the attached statement for further information about accepted certifications, deadlines, and ingredients/raw materials to which this new standard applies.
The statement is here: COSMOS Notice of new standard for sustainable palm oil

COSMOS temporarily suspends certifier application process

Please note that we have temporarily suspended the certifier application process whilst we are reviewing, revising and updating the COSMOS Control Manual and other documents in order to clarify and strengthen the procedures and to integrate the requirements of ISO 17065.  This only applies to applications from new certifications bodies wishing to apply for authorisation; it does not affect existing authorised certifiers or their certification activities.  Please watch this space for further developments.

COSMOS statement on mineral UV filters

The COSMOS board has issued a statement on the use of mineral UV filters in COSMOS-certified sunscreens.  Having banned all mineral UV filters three years ago, the statement sets out new conditions for allowing certain Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide formulations that take into account both consumer safety and the precautionary principle.
The statement can be found here: COSMOS position mineral UV filters 100816


COSMOS releases statement on ISO

The COSMOS board has issued a statement on the ongoing discussions of ISO 16128 – Guidelines on Technical Definitions and Criteria for Natural and Organic Cosmetic products and Ingredients.  Part 1 – Definitions for Ingredients – has already been approved and published; Part 2 – Criteria for Ingredients and Products – is still under discussion.  COSMOS has been participating in the ISO process, within ISO TC217 WG4, for the last five years as we felt it was important to ensure this development, primarily the initiative of the large conventional cosmetics companies, respected the principles and interests of genuine organic and natural companies and consumers.  This statement publicises our concerns about the direction this process is taking.  We now fear it will lead to more variation in standards, not less, and therefore more confusion and less transparency for consumers.
The statement is here:  COSMOS statement on ISO16128











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