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Welcome to COSMOS!  Here you can find all the information you need to:

  • Find out about COSMOS to know what lies behind the products you are buying;
  • Get your cosmetic products or ingredients certified to the COSMOS-standard;
  • Offer your clients certification to this international standard;
  • Support this important initiative.

The COSMOS-standard is owned and managed by a not-for-profit, international association registered in Belgium.  We are proud of our independence, and our standards!

Our ultimate objective is to safeguard, in the area of cosmetics, the welfare of the environment and of people.  For this we want to stimulate the development of cosmetics that are ever more natural and organic.  And we want to ensure consumers have clear and transparent information so that they can themselves be an actor for sustainable development.

Therefore, the COSMOS-standard sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust, and that are clear for the industry and good for the environment.

PLEASE NOTE the English language version of the COSMOS-standard is the official version – the others are for information only. If in doubt, please check the English language version.

For consumers

For consumersCOSMOS-certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, and are safe, effective and good to use.  They are easy to identify from their labels which contain all the information you need to choose if the product fulfils your needs and expectations.  Click here to find out more.

For cosmetic companies and manufacturers

For cosmetic companiesCertification to the COSMOS-standard provides a cost-effective route to market acceptance, providing both local identity and international recognition, using your preferred certifier.  Click here for certification.

For certifiers

COSMOS LOGOLeading cosmetics certifiers adopt the COSMOS-standard to offer the best to their clients and customers who want independent, trusted and clear standards. Your interests are their interests. Click here to join.