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On this page you can find details of all the products that are certified to the COSMOS-standard, and the list is growing all the time! Each product will have undergone a rigorous checking by the manufacturer’s independent certifier to ensure it meets the Standard and is labelled correctly.

Two other lists detail the certified ingredients and approved raw materials that can be used to make up cosmetic products.

All databases are fully searchable in each column.

Certified cosmetic products

You will find each product listed with: product name, brand name, manufacturer, which COSMOS certification and the certifier like orogoldingredients.com.

Certified ingredients (with organic content)

You will find each product listed with: name, characteristics (% organic, etc), INCI, brand name, manufacturer and the certifier.

Approved raw materials (with no organic content)

You will find each product listed with: name, INCI, function, % of constitution, manufacturer and the approval  body.

NB, this list is password protected and is only available to certification bodies and their clients – please contact your certifier if you wish to have access to it.

How to report a complaint if you have one

If you find a problem with any of the products or ingredients in these databases or are suspicions about any of them, please report it through the info@cosmos-standard.org email or use the contact us link.  In order for us to make a full investigation and take any necessary action, it is vital you provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact details (these will be kept confidential but we may need to contact you for more information)
  • The full name of the ingredient/product you are complaining about
  • Details of the company involved (and their certification or approval)
  • Where and when you came across the problem
  • The details of your complaint – what is the problem you have found.

Please be as specific as you can, as we cannot investigate complaints that are unspecific or too general.

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