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The integrity of the COSMOS-standard depends on skilled and professional certification bodies making sure that the cosmetics companies they certify are adhering to the standards, sourcing the correct ingredients and taking all necessary care in making their products.  Of course the cosmetics companies are proud of their products and of being COSMOS-certified and are very diligent in what they do. So the requirement for certification by an independent body is an added assurance giving confidence to their customers that everything is in order.

Requirements for authorised certification bodies

The certification bodies themselves also undergo their own certification. This is called accreditation and is performed by independent accreditation bodies that specialise in overseeing the certifiers.

The COSMOS-standard allows certifiers to choose their accreditation body as they will normally be using their national body (recognised by their national government) for their other certification scopes.  However, we also recognise the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) which was set up by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).  IOAS provides specialist organic accreditation around the world, especially in countries where the national body is not familiar with organic systems, or maybe doesn’t exist at all.

Authorised certification bodies must also join the COSMOS-standard AISBL so that they are part of the COSMOS family and keep in with all information and activities.

How certification bodies are authorised

The accreditation body will visit the offices of the certifier, will check that there are adequately skilled and experienced staff, that their documentation is properly kept and up-to-date, and that the certification decisions are taken according to their procedures and without bias.  The accreditation body will also go on witness audits, to accompany an inspector and check their performance.

Which certification bodies are authorised?

The link below lists those certification bodies that are fully accredited and have been authorised to certify to COSMOS for the product categories (scopes) specified, and their contact details:

List of authorised certifiers

Certifiers Committee

To ensure the authorised certification bodies are all operating in a consistent way and to provide a common means of communication and feedback with COSMOS, we have formed the Certifiers Committee on which each certifier is represented.  This is yet another mechanism that helps improve and safeguard the integrity of our Standard.

How to report a complaint if you have one

If you find a problem or are suspicious about a product or its certification, please report it through the info@cosmos-standard.org email or use the contact us link.  In order for us to make a full investigation and take any necessary action, it is vital you provide the following details:

  • Your name and contact details (these will be kept confidential but we may need to contact you for more information)
  • The full name of the product you are complaining about
  • The company that produces it and their certification
  • Where and when you saw or purchased the product
  • The details of your complaint, the problem you have found – please be as specific as you can.

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