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Be natural


In 2002, the five major European organic and natural cosmetics standard-setting organisations came together to harmonise their respective standards.  Between them these standards are used by over 1600 companies manufacturing and selling over 25,000 products in more than 45 countries worldwide – some 85% of the certified cosmetics market.  The organisations recognised that both the cosmetics industry and the cosmetics market are international. It was therefore in the best interests of both the industry and consumers that there should be a single, harmonised standard which would therefore provide a transparent and level playing field for all concerned.

So these five organisations put their significant differences aside and started to work together. There followed many years of complex and highly technical discussion to resolve the different approaches and reach agreement on a harmonised standard that addressed the needs of their members and existing certified operators, and of consumers and of course

After a period of public consultation, the harmonised standard was approved by the respective organisations and published in January 2010.  This also included all the associated documentation and procedures for its control and management, including approval and authorisation of certification bodies, and the means to review and interpret the Standard as and when needed.

Finally, these organisations decided that they should establish a non-profit international association to own, manage and develop the Standard.  This could then be independent and open to all and therefore it could serve the public interest for the benefit of all.  The COSMOS-standard AISBL received its Royal Assent from the Belgian authorities in June 2010.

We are proud to have achieved this and we are pleased to be able to offer this to the whole industry as a tool for helping to improve its sustainability, and to produce products that consumers want.

Who are we

The founding organisations are:


L11, 20-22
D68161 Mannheim, Germany

Tel: + 49 621 30 98 08 60  Email: bdih@bdih.de 


Pôle Ineed – Rovaltain TGV
1, rue Marc Seguin
26958 VALENCE Cedex 9, France

Tel: +33 4 75 60 27 40  Email: info@cosmebio.org

Ecocert Greenlife

BP 47
Lieu dit Lamothe
32600 L’Isle Jourdain, France

Tel: + 33 (0) 5 62 07 51 07  Email: cosmetiques@ecocert.com


Via Brugnoli 15
40122 Bologna, Italy

Tel: +39 051 272986  Email: icea.cosmesi@icea.bio

Soil Association Certification

Spear House
51 Victoria Street
Bristol BS1 6AD, UK

Tel: (+44) 117 314 5000  Email: info@soilassociation.org

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